Sunday, December 21, 2008

That's all He need from us...

Was lying on my bed asking God...

Me: So God, Christmas coming ady, so what present U want?
God: I just want your heart, thats all...

Unfortunately for the past years of Christmas celebrations, the true meaning of Christmas somehow seems to fade away behind all the feastings, parties, santa claus, christmas presents...Christmas is the time of celebration...but what is this celebration all about?
Is about the birth of Jesus Christ, a good news for everyone...a Saviour of our souls were born...It is time to focus on the cross, and what Christmas is all about...Is ALL about JESUS!!!


Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wheres my passion?
Wheres my determination?
Wheres my confidence?
Wheres my boldness?
So lost...
Come Holy Spirit, fall afresh on me,
Fill m e with Your Power...
Lord please remove the stress from me,
You say O Lord that we should not worry,
for worryin does not add a single hour to our life,
i know that every day You will watch over me,
however i felt that i didnt put much trust in You,
I'm sorry...i have let the fear get hold of me,
Lord, please remove this burden away from me...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Much more than I could bear

What could I say!?? The life and death of the patient is in my hands..Every word I said, every action i do, every decision made counts!!....Everyday I come to work with a heavy heart, tired body and mind....Darts of pressure are firing from every corner,...*Sigh heavily*...I felt like running away...So overwhelmin.............Sometimes i think that i myself is exaggerating, taking things too seriously...what could i say??? It is my job!!! God, please sustain me...the stress is too knees are weaker n weaker...



Monday, December 8, 2008


Over the past few weeks, I have been indulging endlessly.
Stomach has been working pretty hard actually...
Let the pics tell the stories...
ZANMAI SUSHI, Mid Valley Gardens
*4 TIMES in less than 3 weeks!!*
Had a farewell for Sze Yan n Sifu CHin...

Brought the gals here for a treat!

More pics....

Times Square with Bestie n Sara

Sara's Burfday at *La Qiao* aka Chillis!!

Lamb SHoulder...*ma ma tei only-lah*

Beef Bacon Burger..

Then...GELATO time...

In the end,
My wallet lose weight,
But i add weight pulak!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

When Boy Meets Girl...

Well, is a hot topic of the bang with this questions many times: "Christina, got boyfriend a not?", "Christina, when u getting married ar?" " Christina, so when you getting boyfriend ar?"..hehehe

I am now at the so called "marriage" age...some of my friends are getting married..Congratz to them...:)...So now lets jump into something for us to ponder okies...

Relationship, engagement, marriage...This are issues that every single person, be it a girl or boy that need to considered properly, becox it involves one of the most important organ of the human: THE HEART!!! Emotions are something that we can't really play with. Unfortunately many take it for granted or seems to be ignorant bout it...Many seems to be irresponsible of their actions and speech towards the opposite sex, creating unwanted hurts that can be avoided if there were understanding/knowledge of what relationship is all about...Haihs...Through out the years, i have been observing breakups, cries of people becox of RELATIONSHIP!!! Many are left with a brokenheart caused by, like i mentioned earlier, ignorant dudes n dudettes..Well, when it comes to relationship, we should be cautious to whom should our heart be given to, if no we have to bear the consequences of the decisions we made...

Well, the only guy who can have my heart is the one who

  • is not necessarily handsome-lah
  • loves God more than himself or anyone else
  • accepts me for who I am
  • able to commit himself into this relationship
  • have a willingness to admit his mistakes and change
  • is able to lead and make decisions
  • is able to put others needs above himself

A beautiful character will be the main attraction, not necessarily the charm of the person's looks...If love is based on looks, then in 50 years time, will u be still attracted to ur partner or will u let ur partner's character and attitude be the bridge between both of u even when your skin starts to show signs of wrinkle and aging? Well thats something to ponder-lah...BYEZ

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What does a pharmacist do?

Well, we are not just dispensers of medications behind the counter........

We, pharmacist:
  • screen through prescriptions to check and make sure the medications together with the doses prescribed by the doctor are correct.
  • provide patient counseling on their diseases and medications *inpatient and outpatient*
  • conduct Therapeutic Drug Monitoring especially on drugs like Vancomycin, Digoxin, Theophyline, Aminoglycoside antibiotics, together with determining their doses and advising the doctors on the medication regimen.
  • answer doctor/nurses/other pharmacist/patient/public query on medications *Drug Info Centre*
  • supplying medications to outpatient and inpatient.
  • supply dangerous drugs, like morphine, cocaine, psychotropic medications to patients
  • conduct Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution *cancer drugs* and preparing TPN bags
  • conduct clinical case clerking to follow up with the patient and intervene in any medication error...
  • involve in the purchasing of all medications for the hospital
  • conduct raid in pharmacies or places which perform any illegal drug business and bring them to court *Drug Enforcement*

Well, dun get me wrong..I'm not trying to be so proud here..just sharing with those who seems to be ignorant about the jobscope of a pharmacist...


Neway got a MC today, waited for such a long time to see the doc in Klinik rashes all over my body and migrane...Must be the post effect of working...Physically tired..Gotta rest...