Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Toy

I need a PDA phone....

* with higher resolution but expensive*


HTC gadgets are not bad...Have been readin good reviews bout their products...
But then eventually,
PDA phones oftens crashed in a year time..if lucky enuff prob 2 years..if lucky la..!!

Was thinking about Blackberry phones....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yup!! Itz my 3rd week here..kinda enjoying it...cox this is where i am able to put my mouth to full use - TALK!!! Haha...I luv to talk...thats y i luv to counsel patients...:P The colleagues here in Kedai are very nice...Though we houseman made mistakes, nevertheless they still give us words of encouragement..Thumbs up to kak Ruby,Kak Atie, Normah n Kak Ani..Working here in Kedai can really make me loose weight...hahah...cox i have to walk a lot filling in prescriptions and counseling etc...One more thing, i even know how to play with the cash register too...itz kinda fun swiping the credit cards..*i sound like sooo ulu now*...

Being here really put my patience into test as well, especially when there are rude customers...kinda understand their frustrations lar...Well, being sick is already so frustrating, but when they found out the price of their medications, they LAGI FRUSTRATED!!! So in the end, we are the tempat to letak their frustrations and anger lor...some will complain, some will just scold you, and throw paper bags right in front of you..fuhhh.sabar...sabar..

I recalled a patient which kinda saddens me la where there's this pakcik who could not afford a RM12 medication!!...He was trying to dig his wallet for the Rm1 notes, but then tak cukup duit.Some pay their medications until not much left for taxi money....Well he is not the only one, everyday there will be some patients who would go home without medication just becox they could not afford i wish i could really give the pakcik more discount..unfortunately i can't, cox i would go against the hosp policy... and if other patients found out, they would run after me!!!!Habisla!!

Neway, this year will be a great year...New resolutions, new hopes, new goals to achieved, spiritually and etc...One of my new resolutions is to reduce frequency of late nite supper...Haha..I pray that this year will be a year of breakthrough for me, my family, GEPC and my friends...I pray that our walk with Him will continue to be strengthen and the passion for Him and His people will continue to burn as long as we live...Woohoo!!! AMEN!!