Monday, July 21, 2008

Make this heart Your Sanctuary

What can wash away my sins,
Nothing but the blood of JESUS,
What can make me whole again,
Nothing but hte blood of JESUS
How precious is the flow,
that makes me whites as snow,
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of JESUS

Through tears and joy,
I trust in You,
Though hard times befall,
I will not dwell in them,
for the Lord is my Sheperd,
my refuge, my strength,
Every second is a struggle,
to assure myself of the faith,
Though theres a battle deep within,
Nevertheless, I will win the war,
For greater is He who is in me,
the devil is unable to put me in captive,
for the Spirit had set me free,
by the blood of JESUS
Oh LORD, make this heart Your Sanctuary

Friday, July 18, 2008

WHOA!! Blessings from GOD!!!

I was so amazed that we can save quite a bunch for the genting trip next wed. We wanted to book First World Hotel cox its cheap ma *First Class Cheapness*, but then its very expensive "ohhh the contradiction"....RM98 a day or stg like that summore only 2 beds nia and if we are "fortunate" enuff, we may get to hear some chickens staying beside us *clucking* non stop, which will spoilt our fun la, if u get wut i mean -leh!! Neway Banana Lee a.k.a Donkey/Doggie/Dollie Lee got this voucher for a room in Theme Park Hotel for less than RM70 if not mistaken, summore come with 3 single bed-leh n the best part -buffet breakfast!!* better than First Class Cheapness Hotel. Neway must make sure the eldest sleep on the floor not the otherwise*wink*.

Newayz, few days back, to add on to the happiness as well our leisure time in Genting, my dad handed me 4 FREE TICKETS worth RM110 a ticket, YES!! RM 110 satu ticket!!!!!!! to watch this show called DREAMZ!!! I didnt know whatz that thing la, but i heard is sumthing like magic show with one beautiful ANG-MO lion *thats wut Sab called it la, didnt know that lion oso come from diff races!!!!* Thanks to my dad who ordered the ASTRO ON DEMAND, n since its their 1st Anniversary, thats where the tickets comes from dude...ALL HAIL AOD!! We even have free tickets for the cable car and bus ride summore. Happie-nye. Most of All, Thank You GOD for the blessings....can't wait for DREAMZ, at least got stg to entertain me eversince the past miserable 2 weeks + i've been thru...neway pray that the ANG-MO lion wont terlepas n ter-accidentally come n baham i not nice to eat oso.....


* bird flew by*

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Once upon a time, it was very peaceful *sumwhere in penang town*

until a GLUTTON n the VAIN came along

FIY, My mouth aint that BIG-lar......
*I nearly knocked off the boy while reaching up high for the
tau sar pia*
*Guess my face will be posted in the shop with a BIG X mark over it*

Feeling the Love

Nothing beats more than a whisper of assurance from my Abba Father one fine morning..or was it afternoon ar!!??....haha...

Psalm 119:105 onwards
Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.
I have taken an oath and confirmed it,
that I will follow your righteous laws.
I have suffered much;
preserve my life, O Lord, according to your word.
Accept, O Lord, the willing praise of my mouth,
and teach me your laws.
Though I constantly take my life in my hands,
I will not forget your law.
The wicked have set a snare for me,
but I have not strayed from your precepts.
Your statutes are my heritage forever;
they are the joy of my heart.
My heart is set on keeping your decrees
to the very end.

Friday, July 11, 2008


*LOudSpeaker* COME N SEE, COME N SEE, Lelong! Lelong! Mari dan tengok-lah cox GEPC is having FRIENDSHIP CONNECTION event on the 19th July this coming saturday from 8am to 1pm. So make sure you are free on that day and please cancel-lah your appointment, shopping dates or your romantic boyfriend/girlfriend outing oso cox u dun wanna miss this fun n exciting event. SUmmore you can make new kawan-kawan there u know....So remember to pakai ur sports baju and come prepare to win some cool prizes - We got 3 SAMSUNG MP3 *not Samseng ar* and 4 Redken Hair products summore to giveaway, and u may be one of the lucky winners to grab that prize home and show off to ur friends!!! *joking-must humble sikit* Feel excited-lehhhhh, can play, make new frenz and got prize to be won summore, so do

*Credit goes to Jenn Hau for designing the cool flyer**Tepuk tangan*


PASSION KL, Here i come, tunggu saya *lari*Christina, lari*....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hari Yang Teramat Malas

Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pakai baju, minum kopi,lalallala *dah lupa lirik lagu ni*.....Semalam aku tidurz selama 1 jam saja...tak boleh tidur...IMSOMNIA kut...*Muka masam sekarang*....Cuti terlalu panjang, terperuk kat rumah entah berapa lama dah....dah tumbuh cendawan dan paku pakis kat kepala aku....sebulan lebih lagi dah nak kerja, arrrgh....kena cari balik buku teks aku, kena ulangkaji sebelum mula kerja, kang kena tanya soalan tak boleh jawab entah mana nak letak muka aku ni....Malas..Malas....MALAS!!!!

PASSION KL dah nak tiba dah...teringin sangat nak pergi...Kedengaran Chris Tomlin akan berada kat sana...sekarang tengah cari kawan, tengok siapa nak pergi, nasib baik aku bawah 25 tahun, kalau tak, tak boleh masuk, jadi *volunteer* pulak.....GENERASI TERPILIH...

Just Enough for Today

Every morning we wake up with dreams or plans or expectations. We want to do great things and be a 'somebody'. But little do we know that what we ask for, are we able to handle it?? Humans are overcome with greed wanting more and more...and still feel DISSASTISFIED!!!...Well, we always ask for things that we think that we can handle..But Hey, GOD is saying "That's enuff for today. Dun worry bout other stuffs, just focus on the things I give u for now". The fundamental prayer in Matthew 6:9-13,*focus on verse 11 yea*, tells us to ask GOD " Give us today our daily bread"...Well GOD knows us better than we know ourselves. He created us. So He knows what we need for today, tomolo, day after tomolo.......

But sometimes we are so sucked into our own world and fascinates of doing great things until we forget to focus on the small things that GOD assigned us to do. This is called GREED and PRIDE!! Not suprising neway!!! Humans including myself takes pride in the things we do. Dun get me wrong! I'm not trying to imply that we should not dream big. Well its good to have a dream, but if these dream we have overshadow GOD'S, than its time to reschedule our dreams!!

In Proverbs 30:8-9, Agur asked GOD not to give him poverty or riches because he understands he is just only human. He understands that if riches comes in he knows that he will get proud of himself. If he becomes poor, he will ended up as a robber which will dishonor GOD. All he ask is just this "But give me only my daily bread" sufficient for him for the day. This is where humility comes in...

To let go off the frustrations of doin many stuffs for the day, why not we let GOD settle our timetable for us...start your prayer every morning with "GIVE US TODAY MY DAILY BREAD!!!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just writing...

Many things happened lately, but then super lazy as ever to write it all down, especially in sequence. Can i just type down what i just wanna type? without erasing or editing anything?

Anyway got a msg from Fooi Lee *super duper junior aku* saying she passed her papers...Praise GOD. I still remember when aku balik connought, upon hearing that Shiao Yong is quitting pharmacy, she freaked out! Cant forget the look on her face that time. But neway, she managed to pull it all off. Congrats Fooi Lee, jia you in ur upcoming battle of neverending lectures, 15 cm thick of notes and best of all EXAMS!!

These few days I got serious allergy probz. Can't understand why!!?? Legs are freaking itchy with terrible burning sensation. Couldnt really sleep these few days...Wut a mental struggle...I still remember i woke up 2 days cursing GOD!! Forgive me GOD!! Gosh i hate the feeling but then guess JOB's condition is far worst than me. He got sores all over the body, is like the whole freaking burning pain terrorizing his body....but then i salute him for not blaming GOD!! Well God i still learning to deal with this, I will still sing *Blessed Be the Name of the Lord*. SPeaking of this song, i remembered the mental agony of singing this song while my leg is in that terrible condition. Choosing to Bless His Name requires strength n most of all faith. I use to sing this song with joy n smile at church, but then at home with this condition it was the very first time i sang with a broken heart. But then I praise GOD that theres a time to be healed, a time to weep and a time to laugh. The days of our lives r numbered!!

Neway speaking of allergies, monkey dollie got some reashes behind her back. Kesian that fella. At least now she understands the itchiness i have to go thru...hahahah..."Scratch dollie! Scratch like a monkey!"

Neway, tomolo is the start of the semester for the pharmacy students which i can no longer look forward to ady!! *whoopie for them* I begin to miss my study life *not the studying part la*. I missed the people there, the lecturers, crazy monkeying frenz, the food * my fuk chow yu yun fan*. I guess the aunty miss us since so long tak makan her food...since her customers "we" graduated liao......she gotta look for new potential fishes!!!

Anyway, still finding for the book *Boy Meets Girl* by Joshua Harris now, saw many good reviews bout the book. Gotta catch hold of the book....Speaking of books, lately i have been crashing into POPULAR bookstore to go for a free reading ride on this book called *Get Over it and On with It: How to Get Up when Life Knocks You Down* by Michelle McKinney. This books talks about tough times and the author took a different approach of handling it the Biblical way. U must be wondering why i did not buy the book...cox the book is freaking EXPENSIVE. RM 49.90 for just a book!! U can call me kiamsiap if u wan to cox i cant really afford such an EX book. Neway, since Jusco is so nearby my place, n i have ntg else better to do, y dun i drop by there n do some free reading since i'm not the only one doing it *wink*..ohhhh MALAYSIANS...Truly ASIA mah....hahhahaha

Convo coming up soon....gotta attend TWO summore...there goes my money *well not really cox my dads one wert*. Cant wait for the UCSI convo....take pics take pics!!! Haha..finally, Finally, FINALLY, Christina Kam graduated. Looking back, the years was a struggle be it in studying as well as in friendship. Well we gotta learn wut we gotta learn....Gosh i cant wait to see the lecturers and my juniors there. Take pics take pics. Yap, Jacob, Joann they all should be coming cox its on a Sat. Even if they cant make it i can bring my graduation baju there...ambil gambar kat GEPC *as though graduatin from GEPC* hahahha.....

Belinda, jgnlah sedih only la...time past by real fast....Must be real bored until u have to eat *kampua* or wut ever *pua* lah infront of ur la sikit cik adik oi....

Hey Mr Magician, just wanna reassure u GOD luvs u....n ur friends luv u...dun lose hope cox GOD didnt let go of u at all....n yea, ur posts r freaking long...need thicker specs to read them...better sponsor cermin mata aku...n i like the way u put a song dedication in each n every post u do...

Oh yea, i was eating my fav BIG MAC tis afternoon and thought of stg to ask GOD this--> "Do u have MCD in Heaven?".....No answer until now yet.....*haha*

very super lazy to type ady...CLOSE SHOP!!