Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jacob The Dirty Fella....

Itz 2.50a.m. and guess what!!! Not sleepin but browsing thru the net...stumble upon Jacob's it...was terharu... He was listing down the things he love about his cg rite!!! One thing bout this guy is you cannot expect wut will come out from him in his blog...did not even have a tought that he would wrote that *love* letter!!!

So wut is Jacob like to me???!!! Hmmm...Tough question. But here it goes:

  • Unexpectable
  • Try to act funny but tak jadi
  • He placed a sampah bag on top of his head once, stood on a chair n carried his BIBLE.
  • He actually got big tummy, but tried to hide it EVERYTIME!!! but once got caught!!!
  • Aloy say he handsome wo!!! I was like "ya meh??!!" :X
  • Capable, cox He study, work n involve in church activities at the same time!!! Salute man!!
  • He got an extremely nasty, n i mean NASTY fren known as ROD!!!
  • He's an interesting youth leader...very passionate bout God, family, n frens...
  • He's a good drummer oso....
  • He like to belanja if u r broke go find him la...( not broke oso just pretend to be broke)--teehee
  • His fav hangout spot shud be STARBUCKS....dunno y he likes that..prob got gf there kua!!!! Oops...bongkar rahsia...
The list stops here n wll resume later when i have the inspiration... XOXO :)


Friday, May 4, 2007


I wish I could dance hip hop, it seems that I don't have the opportunity to. Sigh..... Reasons why I could not dance:
  • No money...need professional help mah!!!! Cut throat! Cut throat!
  • Not flexible enuff. ( hey!! i not old okie!!! - just need more training)
  • No proper place to do the routines...( u can't expect me to dance in my room!! habis terlanggar all the tables n chairs - PLING PLANG!!)
  • I have to reshape my body first...( must push in the biggy stomach)!!!!!
  • Still have to study..( next time I will prescribe drugs while dancing!!!) DOINK!!!
  • Got much more important stuffs to do.....CHURCH!!!! :) YAY!!!
If I had the opportunity, I would definitely learn to dance....from YAnnus Sufandi...his choreography is the MAN!!! P:S: I tak gilakan Yannus...but his dance routines r awesome n i think I need SALONPAS if gonna go under him!!!! BAckpain!! Backpain!!!

YAnnuS SufanDi

Oregon Waterfalls!!!

Isn't it nice if my front yard looks like this -->

pengsan aku................................... :P

Finished or Unfinished?? PART 1

Have you ever thought that your journey ends there and there??? Well I would say that I am not the only one who have that very same thought. Your circle of life goes through disappointments, discouragements, imperfections, blemishes, frustration, uncertainty, hardship, affliction and whatever craps til a point of time you start to think " Hey, I am useless. I will never be able to stand up. God don't love me. He loves others more than me. And that's why I always remained in the same spot and did not buldge.!!" Hmm... Well this time of hopelessness is the TIME for the PURPOSE of GOD for every life to be made manifest!!! And hows that??

As you can see, GOLD seems to be something very precious. But in order to become precious and priceless, we failed to realize that it requires to go through a REFINING process, which definitely to be an unpleasant one. A saying goes " There is no Change without a Challenge." The stages of changes is the one all of us strive to avoid!! Well who would love suffering???? This stage will be a tough one for both you and me. That is what I am going through this stages rite now...There goes my holiday..Not of pleasure and leisure..But of suffering and discipline. Before this, I would retaliate and would take things lightly. During this process, if I still take things to lightly, slumbering, idling around...the END of the road comes. Saying is definitely easy, but when it comes to practicality, UH-UH(shake head)!!! Its time to stand up and get out of the comfort zone and our sense of security. Another saying goes "It is a time of DESERTION for DECISION to make DISTINCTION or go for DESTRUCTION!!!". In the wilderness, you will tend to be lonely, where the world seems to leave you, hopelessness counts in, feeling miserable n etc. But one thing is for sure, GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU..and that PROMISE counts when you are stuck in the wilderness!!!

Wilderness is a place where you have to confront the devil. It is a place of confrontation before CONFIRMATION!! It is a place that you are left alone to make a decision: to choose to win or be defeated, to succeed or fail! The wilderness is a place of self-determination( plus God's help) where you are left to make personal decision whether to stand or fall!! Even Jesus have to go through the wilderness to be proved and approved.
Dun get scared!!

So people, lighten up, the wilderness is God's plan for you to succeed, not to fail. Friends, look at a bigger picture. Without this experience, you will never know who you are in the Lord.

Plus, the wilderness is ordained and well-planned by God to humiliate the devil. It is a battle where you have to stand and fight. At the end you will be laughing at the devil HAHAHA!! NANANANANAH :)

REMEMBER!!! In order to defeat the devil during your wilderness days, is to continually feed on the WORD of GOD. Meditate on, abide with, and do the WORD of GOD!!! That guarantees your VICTORY!!!