Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Please Pray...

The message shown reading " kidnapped korean missionairies will be killed tonite. "My heart does not feels right upon hearing that. They went to Afghanistan for a purpose - to share the love though helping in medicine missionary. However, sufferings end up coming their way. 1 Peter2:20 verse comes out alive " But when you do good and suffer for it, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God". I felt the mental agony and sudden distress. This is how exactly Jesus may have felt when He was ALL ALONE!! His disciples ran away, God even put away His face. If I were to be in their shoes right this moment, what would I think? what would i do? I dunno....All i asked right now, if for whoever reads this or knows about the incident, please please pray for them. Please pray for the Korean government with wisdom in negotiation with the Talibans request. Please pray that God's presence be with them so strong, that even the Talibans may felt it, please pray for God's super strength to be with them..pray for all fears and worries to be removed, pray that they will not be tortured especially the women. GOD, PLEASE, PLEASE BE WITH THEM..PROTECT THEM..AMEN

So Christians, all this while we have taken things so lightly, the time will come where the prophecies will come alive..be prepared spiritually, mentally and physically. Continue to insert this prayer everyday, as a preparation in times to come. There is no running away, but facing it with God's strength.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Dear Lord,

I wanna say thank you so much....thank you thank you thank you thank you...terima kasih...how grateful i am to u...i duno how to express my thanks but seriously You have save me...u make me strong..i am sorry for doubted that u wont help me...but thanks for keepin me calm...n even though i mati enjin nearly 4 times, u relaxes me n the enjion started bak :)....so i wanna say thank u....thru this a painful lesson has been learned...the pride in me, u stripped it away painfully, the mental agony, the frustration and the tears left me into pieces the day before, but You oh God gather this pieces and fit it back again...
Lord, how i regret and ashamed of the pride.....Oh Lord, i wont dare to be proud again...for you are the KIng of Kings....Thanks once again...I LOVE YOU

Your Clay,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm just human after all

Dear Lord,

I have to repeat my driving test tomolo, facing again the slope, parking and three point turn test just makes me worried, in doubt, fearful, and disappointed. My fear conquers me...I wondered all this while, why God..why, why u didnt' let me pass all the test...and now i have to repeat again...Oh Lord, no matter what i still wanna say thanks becox thru the repeat test, u let me know that i am just a human, shaped by you, like a potter and its clay.u have let me know that you are the Sovereign Lord, and i can do nothing without you...oh Lord, i have let my pride take me away from you, the sins have blocked the blessings from following me.oh God how i begin to hate sin now.i just want to draw closer to u, to trust u once again...oh God, thank you, thru this u make me realized who i really am.I admit and i am sooooo ashamed of my pride, of my sin.Forgive me O Lord..Lord, save me, hide me in your wings, encourage me, comfort me, strengthen me, i truly needs 100% of u seriously, there is no more me , but YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU!! Oh Lord, conquer my emotions now...do net let the emotions take control of me....Oh Lord my God, your servant cries out loud for your help..Help me...Help me...Help me....Help me my GOD....

Your clay,

Thursday, July 5, 2007

test, Test, TEST!!!

Just hearing this words passing thru ur eardrums, there goes ur spine chilling session. Buhu!! Me goin for driving test tomolo morn...Confident got la sikit...anxious la sikit...takut adalah sikit...cox u wont noe wutz gonna happen tomolo...Prayerfully I will pass the test tomolo...n hope that the examiner wont keep showing his papaya face n bising beside my ear with " Woi!! Cepatla sikit! Tak tau memandu ke??? Cepat la!!"......haha...even a person with so much confidence but due to the
si ganas examiner all confidence oso stripped away ady...Pray that God's presence will be so strong during the test and able to guard the mouth and attitudes of the examiners. Pray that tomolo EVERYONE including me will pass the test!! AMEN!!!

P.S: When I passed my test ady, i can drive like Michael SHoemaker *wink*!!!!....yeepee!!!