Sunday, April 29, 2007


Went to 1am concert today in KDU college!! Before the concert, we had our dinner at SS2 PJ. I had Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun with Char Siew inside.(yummy). Thanks to Zi Sin and Wilfred, they tempt both Sabrina and me to have a second serving of Siu Yuk Fan...n now we look like hippos!!!!

Back to the concert, The band was awesome...Cheers to our local band!!!! Their songs are inspiring especially "Always in your heart"...Nice!Nice!Nice!!! FYI the CD below was given FREE!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guitar lessons....

Today Guitar lessons was fun...manage to finish learning an entire song - Eagle's Wing....til my finger go so pain..................................

Friday, April 20, 2007


I used to hate rain cox it destroys most of my plans...when I want to go out somewhere, it starts raining..floor becomes slippery, weather becomes cold, and eventually I get soaked wet... But my perception towards rain make a change...I get to like rain now...the main reason is because the weather now is extremely making me flooding with sweat!!!! Come to think of it, without rain, God's creation would not be perfect anymore. Everything is designed and created for a purpose. Rain offers natural spring for the birds and animals out there. Rain provides a cooling effect. The sound of rain thrashing down reminds how wonderful God's creation is...!! Tell you something: I used to think that when it is raining, God is taking a shower!!! Funny rite me!!!

Here I would like to share few photographs on raindrops....

Beautifully amazing!!



Thursday, April 19, 2007

Heart of compassion!!!

Following the shooting massacre happened in Virginia Tech, families and friends came for their dear ones to pay their tributes.... But one main thing I would like to discuss about is the killer himself!!! Few minutes back, something stir up in my heart about Cho Seung Hui. If not mistaken, the whole world might think he is a psycho and with full hatred despises him forever. However, when you truly look deep into the matter, do you have a heart of compassion for this dude!!!?? People might say I am crazy if I tend to pity him, but hey, yes he killed many innocent people, to look at a bigger picture, don't you think that this fella is of pity!!? He is mentally ill, and his classmates despises him instead of offering help!!! At first I was wondering whether Jesus would have a heart of compassion for Him??? The answer would be YES!!! ( Thanks Daniel and I am so sorry of limiting God's love!! Sorry God!!!) No matter how bad or rotten an apple is, Cho Seung Hui is still a creation of God!!! Man fall into sinful nature, and the world tend to view and despise the sinner instead of the sin which causes bondages and man's fallness. But a lot of things happened for a reason, a lot of unexplaineable questions and many would ask "Why would this happened ?"including me!!! But as we tend to go into deep thought and view this matter in a bigger picture, our perception on such matter may not be limited and of discrimination!!! God's purposes for all things is beyond our own understanding!!!

For those whose families are deeply hurt on the death of their children, I pray that as time goes by, May the Peace of the Lord be with all of you, and may the Spirit of Forgiveness enters and dwell in your hearts!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Journey Starts....

Skies are blue la today...duh!