Thursday, October 18, 2007

Study week or Shoppin Week???


  • Wake up at 12pm - just in time for lunch
  • Click on Channel V n MTV on ASTRO whenever and whereever!!!
  • Shopping like crazy
  • Paint my nails
  • Makan like CRAZY!!

Good News: Goin shoppin Mid Valley with Ms Geriatric, Ah Yap and Sotong Kurita
for a mini UCSI CG outing....Gosh I luv SHOPPING!!!!!
Sotong Kurita's job : Shopping bags hanger!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pink Piggy...

Its 8.13pm and I'm bored. I'm supposed to study cox finals is coming up...doin d exact opposite of studying is somewhat uncontrollable...guess itz just nature...Coming bak to Klang was sorta relaxing yet tempting...ASTRO is on with hundreds, YES.. HUNDREDS of TV CHANNELS...*yeepee* my hand seems to love the remote control so much that it would not let go!!! Naughty hand!!! I think I'm getting fat...well is not something unusual cox Christina Kam loves eating...I miss Big Mac....speaking of makan, Sab just msg me few secs ago.

Sab : So u di rumah makan bykkah?hehe

Christina: Well, eating is my hobby...........

I went to The Curve today with my family...guess what I did there..??? MAKAN!!!
Me n my sis went to this Italian restaurant known as Caffe 1920 and d food was not bad...I ate spaghetti with crispy bacon...*the bacon was superb nice*...was quite filling...*SATISFACTION GUARANTEED*....

Good News...AFter months of pestering...I finally got the Bible I wanted...yeepee...Sab berjaya get for me from Ipoh. :P Is a pink Bible....PINK!! PINK!! PINK!! I'm not really a pink fanatic, itz just that the Bible is nice and the pages are easy to flipped.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Based on the previous entry regarding the minus mark already settled it just that i was so lazy to place an entry regarding this matter..well i talked to the culprit that day, and it seems that the whole class' marks will not be deducted except for the main culprits la. So no worries...:)