Tuesday, October 28, 2008


8 stg liao...I feel so tired...just came bak from work..i need my beauty sleep... but havent study yet for my comin exam...sigh...sigh..SIGH!!! no energy after balik from kerja....tangan lemah, kepala lemah, whole badan oso weak...sigh...sigh..SIGH!!! Aiyo...y i sigh so many times one...like nenek man,... :P time to sleep liao...can i just take EL tomolo n dump my work to my colleagues...*sinister smile* hehehe

Btw, i will be stuck in the DD gua for 4 weeks...but Jon will only be there for 1 week...n Chin will be goin to OPD liao...sigh..sigh SIGH!!! my super sifu n sifu not there...summore i alone in DD...no fun without both of them n oso Farah..neway today was my first day without farah in IPD...miss her so much..we use to chat n joke n laugh a lot *while our hands n legs are workin la* hehe...shes a nice gal...now shes in ward liao...now Jacq will be in IPD for 2 weeks startin todayz, i only have 1 week to teach and hand over all d stuffz i learned to her within this week...i have no time to learn my DD!!! ARRGH!!! Sumhow i gonna miss ward supply...dunnoe y so dun ask me y!! :P

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Touching The Untouchable!!

I'm compelled to write this post..I was reading my Merck Manual on diseases where this disease" Leprosy" caught my attention. I got to know this disease thru the Bible, where Jesus had healed many leper ppl. However all this while, i dun really understand what leprosy is all about. I went on to the internet to just check out on this disease to learn of its' pathophysiology and symptoms etc. I was shocked to find out how terrible this disease affects the person!!!

Leprosy is actually an infection caused by Mycobacterium leprae which leads to disfiguration of the body, esp on the face, toes, fingers as well as blindness due to the damage of the peripheral nerves. The skin will developed rashes couple with a loss of sensation towards pain, heat etc... Not only that, to my horror, many leper patients are considered as an outcast due to this disease. I read an article written by sumone from Hosp Sungai Buloh, a leading hosp in d research of infectious diseases which has a Leprosy centre for the patients. He mentioned that this patients are stigmatized and abondoned by their family members/friends etc. So, many of them are left to stayed alone or remained in the centre. Many ppl wouldnt dare to touch them or go near them and this truly affects the sufferer psychologically, emotionally and mentally. Even there are some doctors who wouldnt dare to go near them, for the fear of contracting the disease!! However, it is assured that this disease is not easily trasmitted.

Leper patients with deformity of hands and loss of fingers..

In India, those who are infected with leprosy are labelled as *untouchables*. They are lonely, left devastated with this illness and most of all not loved and taken care by their close ones!! The more i think about this, the more i reflect on how Jesus had heal the lepers. Jesus had compassion on them. Jesus loves them. Its so amazing..I believe in the Bible, many would wanna stay as far as possible from this lepers, but Jesus went closer to the lepers and touched their skin and healed them...

I start to question myself how would i ever react if one day, a TB/ AIDS / leper / any contagious sick person comes to me for help and for love....Will i get scared and run away just like some others, or would i stay put and reach out to them and love them? The hospital is full of sick ppl, and these r the ones who are desperate for hope and love....Only through Gods love i am able to love them.

I pray that Lord, You will fill Your ppl's heart with compassion for those who are sick and not be fearful of contracting any disease. Give us the boldness to reach out to them and to love them with all our heart..Teach us not to stigmatized any sick person and teach us to be more like Jesus everyday..Father I pray that I would not be just a dispenser or counselor of medication, but as a dispenser and counselor of love n faith in Christ Jesus...In Jesus Name, AMEN!!

"For I was hungry and you gave me somehting to eat: I was thirsty, and you gave me somehting to drink: I was a stranger, and you invited me in: I needed clothes , and you clothed me: I was sick, and you looked after me: I was in prison, and you came to visit me. Then the righteous will answer him, saying, Lord, when did we see you hungry and fed you? or thirsty, and gave you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger, and invite you in? or needing clothes, and clothed you? When did we see you sick, or in prison, and visited you? And the King will reply " I tell you the truth, whatever you have done for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you have done it for me" Matthew 25:35-40.

Touching the untouchables. Can u do it?

Forensic Law

In about 2 weeks time, i will be sitting for a paper, called Forensic Law!!! Dun worry, I'm not changing my profession to a lawyer..hehe...just an exam i need to take in order to be granted my Pharmacy Licence!! I dunnoe why they called it forensic!!! As though it stands for law of cutting dead bodies!!! Haha... Just did a few past year questions on the MCQ, susahnye..summore MCQ is not open book exam, only the subjective Qs nia...Lord, I pray for wisdom to study and I also pray that all PRPs will be able to pass this exam and wont need to retake the paper...In Jesus Name, AMEN!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


YES!! MAKAN!! YES!! Tomolo got jamuan makan Raya in IPD dept....just pay RM 3 nia...got satay, ketupats, lontong, etc...YUMMY!!! So long didnt makan ketupat liao..finally besok dapat makanz...Makan byk byk cox tomolo have to work OT...if no takde tenaga...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Philippians 4:19

Coming to HUKM have enable me to experience many of Gods great blessings when I kinda least expect it. Though I did not manage to get a room ANAP ( as near as possible) to HUKM, i was blessed with a cheaper single room and larger in size too here in Taman Connaught. So i thank God that He provide me a place to stay near Tmn Connaught cox is near to my church GEPC, near to my cell group *one floor up nia*, next to GIANT hypermarket and oso the photocopy shops and makan stores which are within the walking distance from my place...Not only that I was blessed with wonderful colleagues/seniors/ heads of depts who are willing to teach and not berlagak one...Not only that, for the past 1 week plus i was blessed that Jonathan is able to fetch me to work, so i had save on more than a week taxi fare, even when theres terrible jam on the way bak home with taxi, the taxi fare is not as high as i expected * prob God made the meter run slow* haha, but still praise GOD, i just have to pay btw rm4-5 even when theres jam. I got many bills *room, electric, water, transportation, loan etc* to pay actually, so thank God for the funds that He provided..n i oso thank God for His wisdom n strength while at work so tat i wont be so kelam kabut in handling some documents etc..Praise God for that again....

SO when I look back at this verse in Phil 4:19, i truly truly thank God for His blessings in the needs that He knows i have. N i believe everyday as we submit ourselves totally to God and pray every single day for His guidance, He will bring us through every circumstances...AMEN for that!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Its 4 days eversince i started work at HUKM...I will be in the In Patient Department (IPD) for 10 weeks...Fuh..10 WHOLE WEEKS!!! The senior PRPs and FRPs are very nice...They r willing to teach...I thank God that i get HUKM, though it is not Hosp Klang like i wanted to, but then His plans r always the best...I get to meet Eunice bak there...after 4 long years of not seeing her after Taylors, and also other PRPs from IMU are nice n fun. I enjoyed laughing n running around filling prescriptions with them in the OPD, but when Kak Noor or Mr Dexter calls out our name when theres an error in filling, then no fun liao...hehe...Mr Dexter's fav sentence " I'm waiting for the new ones to make mistakes!!" STRESS!!! Adrenalin rush-lah!!

So whats my job description in IPD!!!?? Its kinda diff from the one in HKL during my clinical years in UCSI!! IPD here is divided into ward and dangerous drug act (DDA)..I have to screen the antibiotic prescription, call the staff nurse or pharmacist to confirm the drugs, doses, etc, manage JKPU drugs, filling, prepare morphine sulphate *Morphine Day*, jaga the dangerous drugs, learn purchasing, etc...I got 10 weeks to master all this...Puan Sharifah one of the clinical pharmacist in charge told us that we should learn as much as possible during the PRP year, before we get kick to any KKM hospital for FRP cox some KKM hosp may not have some facilities/dept for us to learn...so better learn as much as I could in PRP year.."KENOT BE SHY, JUST ASK IF TAK TAU!!! LEARN FROM MISTAKES!!!" This is what she said...I'm glad that the pharmacists here r nice n willing to teach..Thank God for them...

Oh yea, I got 2 exam to take, one will be in 2nd Nov or izzit 3rd Nov!!??? Its the forensic exam...FOC!! But the course/seminar/tutorial is RM 100 plus...POKAI!! Now still reconsidering whetehr to go a not for the tutorial since last time we were taught before ma.... 2nd exam is ORSkills or known as Oral Counseling Skills here..We have to pass this exam before we can start to counsel patients in ward...I have to learn to counsel in Cantonese oso...

One good thing I notice bout HUKM is, this is a teaching hospital oso... *Thumbs Up* So all PRPs have to go for some xtra classes after work which starts today actually... The Clinical Pharmacist will teach us on how to counsel the patients on the common diseases they suffer..eg: Asthma, Diabetes, Cardiovascular etc and oso on the techniques of using the inhalers, Novopen, etc...Class is about 1 hour...and it really benefits us to understand the proper technique to handle the patient...

Aiyo, nearly lupa, God, thank you for providing my transport for the past few days especially to work thru Jonathan.. At least i save half of the money for these few days...Lord, I pray that You will continue to bless him in every area of his life and I pray for his salvation as well...Thanks so much God...I pray that You will continue to provide for my transportation in d future, even if Jon kenot fetch me anymore...I trust in You!!

Neway, i makaning halfway now..wanna continue makan liao..!! Till then...Byez!! God Bless folks...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Everything Seems Wrongs

Everything seems to go wrong today...

Tomolo I have to report for duty and I am sick!!!

Cough, flu, throat stuck with "cendol"


In addition, Got some errors in photocopying my documents, thanks to the Indian guy bak in Klang..."P:S: Not indicating racism here"

This fella didnt photocopied the last page of my med check up report...I just found out on my way here to Connaught, but its partially my fault for not checking them first...Haih

Neway, i tried to find the photocopied shops in Tmn Connaught. ST wasnt open, prob is the Raya holiday mood. Most frustrated was, the two 7-eleven stores have photocopied machine but "ROSAK" ..WALAUEH!!! FRUST!! FRUST!! No where to go...the only hope now is i could do it by tomolo in HUKM!!! Eunice said that she could help me to photocopied in HUKM..Just hope that I can reach in time before 8 to finish up this mess and submit it in time!!

Just waiting for " Though the sorrows may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning"..hehe

Oh God, please heal my sickness n i pray that i can photocopied in time before Ms Michelle comes in...