Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need answers

I got many questions in mind about church, cg etc...whoever read this please leave some opinions to enlighten me as well as Bible Verses to support it..thanks

Q1. What is actually the main priority to focus in a cg? Spiritual growth or numerical growth?

Q2. Does the growth in numbers in the cg is equal to the growth of their spirituality as well?

Q3. If you know your leader is misleading in certain matters, should we just continue to keep quiet and obey? *Bible says must respect authority and kenot rebel against them* * BIble also says we should fear God but not man* So which one leh?

Q4. WHat would you think are the factors which will contribute to the growth of cg?

Q5. Do you agree that building each other spirituality takes time?

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flora said...

Sis, I'm with you all the way through. Don't worry. ^^

I'd like to know the answers for the questions. Wonder who would answer them ^_^